Pentaphylla Pine (parviflora)

Scientific or Latin name:

Pinus parviflora var. pentaphylla.

Common name:

Japanese white pine.

Basque name:

Japoniar pinu txuria.

Family: Pinaceae (Pinaceae)

Origin: Japan, where it is called “Goyo-Matsu”.

It is a slow-growing, high mountain tree). The pentaphylla pine is a variety of the parviflora pine, which means “small-flowered pine”.

It is an evergreen tree. The needles are in groups of 5, bluish-green, curved, flexible and with an obtuse apex; they measure between 5 and 7 cm.

More than 150 cultivars are known, generally obtained by grafting, which differ from each other mainly in the colour and length of the needles.

In Japan, this pine is considered feminine because of its light colour, the texture of its needles, its small size and its elegant shape. It is one of the emblematic bonsai trees.

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